Saturday, June 5, 2010

Monterey Post -- Part 2

The subtitle to this post would be: Planning Strategies for a Great Year.

As I look over the landscape of my first year of homeschooling I can't help but evaluate it to some degree.  While in Monterey I was able to take a some fantastic pictures.  Each picture has a piece of clarity I would like to use to coach myself through an even more spectacular year next year.  Enjoy.

1) Enjoy solitude more.  Quiet alone time.  Quiet.  Alone.  Time.

2) Don't let the beauty of each new day escape you.  Find something amazing about each day and smile about it.

3) Stop and smell the flowers.  Notice them.  Pause.  Roll around in them if you must.  Don't feel like you have to study them or write a report about them.  Just enjoy them.

4) Team.  Who's on your team?  Be a part of a team.  Many elements of nature are team-oriented.  Be a part of a team.  (Genesis 2:18)

5) Pay attention to the signs.  Fatigue.  Discouragement.  Frustration.  Fear.  And do something about it.  Pray.  Read scripture.  Rest.  Take a break.  Usually the signs are there for a reason.  Not always, but sometimes.

6) Take the path that's beautiful.  Remind yourself why it is so beautiful.  And enjoy the beauty of that path.

7) Some days are just gonna fall apart.  You may have planned everything SO WELL.  Yes.  Certainly.  Absolutely.  Be ok with things falling apart.  Don't take it personally.  It just happens sometimes.

8) Did I say solitude?  Pray.  Read the Word.  Magnify His Name.  Glorify Him.  Worship Him. 

9) Christ is the Rock.  He is the Rock.  He is immovable.  Unshakable.  Unchangeable.  Forever.  When things around you are falling apart you can always trust in Him.  When things are peaches and cream you can trust in Him.  But, remember.  Remember that He is the Rock.

10) Alone.  Some days are going to feel very alone.  The beauty of this high calling is no less beautiful when you feel that way.  Keep shining.  Shine on.

11)  Fog.  The fog always lifts.  Always.  When it rolls in keep your eyes on the target.  It never moves.  Keep doing the right thing over and over and over again.

Now, go hug someone.  It's part of that team thing.  You'll be glad you did.

Melissa Culver


  1. Beautiful post! Both in words and pictures! So glad you stopped by the blog today so I could check yours out too! You are a great encourager!

  2. So precious of you. Thank you for your sweet, sweet words. Smiles, m