Friday, October 29, 2010

26 Reasons

26 Reasons Why Homeschooling is a Perfect Fit for Our Family...
(and counting)

1) We can pray in school.
2) We get to choose our curriculum.
3) Our calendar is as flexible as we want it to be.
4) Education is tailor-made to the needs of each individual child.
5) I can deepen a love relationship with my children all day long.
6) My children aren't exposed to 'revisionist history' -- where every ounce of God has been removed from it to satisfy the powers that be.
7) They aren't taught that self-esteem is their problem.  They are confronted with the truth about sin, the wretchedness of their sin condition and their need for a Savior.
8) My children encounter linear, sequential, expository, doctrine-based Bible teaching with life application most school days.  We just finished Exodus 32.  We started in Genesis.  Verse by verse.
9) Twaddle has been removed.  (If you aren't a homeschool parent you may need to Google that one.)
10) We don't go over dress code 6 times each year.
11) Parent Teacher Conferences are spectacular ("date night" for those of you who might be a bit slow on that insider tip)!
12) We have ZERO fundraisers.
13) We don't teach tolerance.
14) God is brought into EVERY subject vividly, richly, abundantly, and unashamedly.
15) My children have one-on-one tutoring whenever they need it.
16) Grandparents.  My kids have time for their grandparents.
17) Family.  We have time for family.  We aren't doing two hours of homework into the dark part of the night when we could be creating long-lasting memories.
18) Ill.  When someone is ill we don't have to coerce them to tolerate the ride to school and back twice because everyone else is going to school.
19) Dress code.  The mismatched hand-me-downs that my kids love are sufficient.  We don't need a new wardrobe each season void of silk-screening, complete with collars and side seams.
20) Life.  Real life.  My children are exposed to real life over and over again.  Real people.  Out in the world.  And we love it.
21) Academic breaks.  When my parents are in UC Davis for their kidney surgeries here in a few weeks we can all go and we don't have to worry about meeting academic goals while we are gone.  No independent study paperwork.  No academic expectations at all.  My kids can cry.  They can pray.  They can ask questions.  They can go the park.  They can visit the zoo.  They can manage the stress they encounter in a way that doesn't include a full load of academics.
22) I don't have to answer sex-related questions far earlier than is necessary in light of some school yard talk my kids were exposed to.
23) Unteach.  Not really a word; I know.  I'm glad that the amount of "unteaching" that I have to face has been significantly reduced.  My kids would come home from school and call each other wretched names.  They would try to bulldoze each other by demanding that XYZ game be played because they said so.  Their superior, abrupt, rude, abrasive, harsh, unkind words were absolutely unacceptable.  I'm delighted that this happens with far less frequency now that they are at home.
24) Worship.  Worship is a part of our school program as well.  Air guitar too.  And kitchen rock band sometimes as well.
25) Siblings.  Last year on our field trip to Fresno Pacific University we bumped into a random stranger (post-homeschooler).  She said [paraphrase], "I love that my siblings and I were homeschooled.  All those years we had together are irreplaceable.  We're now all in different areas of the country and we will forever have those years as blessed memories.  I loved it!"
26) Whatever.  We can study whatever we want whenever we want.  And that's school.

27) Science.  How could I forget science?  Hello!  My kids won't be told for the next 13 years that they are the product of some cosmic accident.  They won't be told that they came from some random amoeba and that they accidentally turned out...just like the rest of the universe.  They'll find out over and over again that they are the product of God who designed EVERYTHING for His glory.  Everything.  He's purposeful, orderly, organized, unchanging, perfect, and beyond our comprehension.
28) Domesticity.  And lots of it.  Scrubbing floors.  Scrubbing toilets.  Cleaning clothes.  Cooking.  Baking.  Budgeting.  Picking weeds.  My kids learn early and often all the detail that go into making a home.  My prayer for my sons include that they will know deeply the hard work that their wives do to manage their homes successfully, and that they will take a small part in aiding them (their future wives, that is) in their roles as home managers.  For my daughters, I pray that they will be successfully prepared for the work that is before them as they will one day become home managers, meal preparation experts, chief budgeters, stewards, servants, homemakers, wives, and mothers (disciples and mentors).

Why are you in love with homeschooling?

Melissa Culver


  1. Love it! #18....and they can do school in their bed or on the couch!! #19....and don't forget the pajamas! Thanks for the reminder of why we all do this!! I think I'll bookmark this post for the down days! :)