Friday, August 5, 2011

Blogger Tutorial -- Pages

I had a question the other day on a previous Blogger Tutorial.  The question was this: How do you get tabs at the top of your page?  Here I'll try to answer that for you.

1. Go into the Design portion of your Blogger toolbar.
2. Select Posting.

3. Click Edit Pages.

4. Click on New Page if you don't have any or if you would like to add a new one.

5. Title your page.  Add text.  Then publish.
6. Add more pages if you see fit.
7. Edit or delete whenever you want.
8. You'll be given a few more options in the edit process.  For example, you be asked how they should stack along the top: first, second, third, etc.
9. If you want to edit the font style, font size, or color you'll have to go back to Design and select Template Designer.

10. Choose Advanced.
11. Then select Tabs Text.
12. Modify color, text, and size as you see fit.

13. Always remember to Apply To Blog the changes that you like.
14. And that's it.  Don't get discouraged if you change it 6 or 7 times.  Just keep working with it.

NOTE: Do note that these "pages" aren't like traditional tabs found in other websites.  They are just pages.  You won't be given the option to post different fresh posts on these pages nor will comment templates be added.  You can add more information later, but it won't post like your main wall (time, date, comments)--you'll just add on to the original post itself if you choose to add more information later.

If you want these pages to function "that" way you can be creative and find a work-around.  I have seen people post links in their pages to different sites.  For example their main blog may be  Page 2 may have a link directing people to  Most readers may never catch that detail, but they--the pages--are afforded the luxury of housing several traditional-framed posts under that category.  Likewise, the next page would be  Again, the reader may not catch on fully.  Do note that this can get clumsy because Home isn't the original site; it's the home for that secondary or tertiary web address.  Your readers may get fully lost in this maze unless you can easily direct them back to your main site.  Additionally, posting this way can get overly-cumbersome because you are then managing several sites for your main site.

Rejoicing that I too am a work in progress,

Google Search: How do you get tabs in your Blogger site? How do you add tabs? Can you add tabs?

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