Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Record Keeping 2011

We are embarking on year number 3 here at Culver Academy.  I think I have tweaked my record-keeping skills to a point where I can actually tell people "This one is a keeper."

This is what I designed for my record-keeping binder:
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And here is the link where you can get the document for free.  You'll be redirected to Google Docs.  You can click the Download button.  It will import into Microsoft Excel for you.  (If you don't have Excel, there is a free document sharing tool out there.  Search Google and try to find it.  Hopefully that will help you.)

Here's what it looks like in Excel.  You can add the names of your children under the column titled KIDS.  Modify the subjects as you see fit.  Or, shrink the rows and put more stuff in there.  It's yours.

When you access the document in Google Docs it will look funny.  It does not view well.  Here's what it looks like in Google Docs.  At first glance, you'd think it were the wrong thing altogether. 

And the next page is closer, but still off.

However, when I downloaded it to my system--from Google Docs--it worked swimmingly.  Make sure that your margins are 0.4 on all six bits (including header and footer).  Hopefully it will print spot-on for you if your margins are set correctly.

Please do not redistribute this as your own.  If you love it enough to tell others about it, please direct them back here.  Thank you.

Additionally, here are a few other resources to look at:
                  The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Planners on CD (next line)
                  High School - Middle School - Elementary - Special Needs
                  (Check out the Schoolhouse Store for pre-printed planners from TOS.) 
                  2011 - 2012 Shoolhouse Planner

                  Donna Young's Homeschool Resources
                  Homeschool Tracker
                  Homeschool Skedtrack
                  Family Homeschool Planner 2011 - 2012
                  The Ultimate Homeschool Planner

Don't get overwhlemed.  Take my dad's advice: "Make a decision and then make it better."  I wholeheartedly agree.  Don't enter into paralysis analysis.  Choose something.  Then, next year, make it better.  And so on.

My first year I used a wall calendar.  I wrote notes on each day.  When each month was finished I tore off the page, folded it up, and put it in my binder.  Last year I used a spiral-bound thing, but had to fill in so much on my own.  So, now I'm using something that has most of it filled in for me already.  And I think this one will work out well for us.

Friends, how do you keep records?  What works well for you?

EnJOY your year, friends,

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