Monday, September 12, 2011

KAMB Radio 2011

If you have spent any time around here you know that we enjoy field trips. And my kids--this year--are asking that we repeat some of the good ones we have already done.  For example, here's one of our recent repeats.

KAMB Radio is our local Christian radio station.  They broadcast miles beyond our immediate area, but for us, it's just up the street a bit.

Dave Benton is one of the local radio personalities.
He's been serving faithfully for quite a number of years.
I think Big K stole the show.
Here's Dave preparing to record the kids so they could
hear themselves on the air.  What a treat!

Oh, and I can't forget to say "Thank you!" for the spectacular FREE stuff we got when we were done.  Um, wow!  It has been such a blessing to listen to this precious music.

Thank you, again, KAMB, for letting us tour the studio.  We had a blast!


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  1. This sounds like an awesome field trip! Thanks for sharing the idea.

  2. Sweet of you to comment. Thank you. You are welcome.