Monday, September 5, 2011

Serving Locally

Wrapped up in the beauty of homeschooling is the flexibility to serve anywhere, any time, any day.  So, a few weeks ago we were able to help out Love Inc. (Love In The Name of Christ that is).  They serve locally--people in need.  And they raised money by selling chicken dinners.

That's my dad.  He doesn't believe in "retirement."  He's still serving.  Giving his time.  Loving the community.  Such a faithful servant.

Don't come between a man and his BBQ.  I failed to catch his name.  The smoke was pretty thick out there; I went inside.  Such a precious smile.  And, the man can work wonders with the BBQ.  That chicken was awesome.
Lynne Thompson.  She's currently the director of Love Inc., Merced. 
Author.  Lecturer.  Homeschool mom.  Friend.
I think they bonded.  Do you?
 Here we are wrapping up plastic utensils in napkins.  They gave us the easy stuff.

So, friends, does your homeschool serve locally?  What are you doing?


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